Despite being a piece of machinery for several decades now, a turntable is still one of the most commonly used components in many homes today. You might think getting your turntable set up and running is a big deal, but really it’s not that hard. To get your nifty little turntable machine spinning, Team Wooster Audio has figured out how to connect turntable to speakers of all types.

Various types of turntables are available, including the direct drive, belt-driven, frictional, and balance control turntables that connect a vinyl record player to a sound system, audio mixer, speakers, amplifier, etc. In addition to rotating when the needle touches the vinyl, it spins again once lifted off the record.

Turntables can be connected easily to any speaker, but how does someone connect their turntable to speakers if they need to know what type of connection their turntable has? So, no worries, follow the instructions here:

How to connect turntable to speakers

 Let’s talk today about connecting your turntable to speakers so you can listen to your music to its full potential.

What do you need?

Connecting your turntable to any speaker system requires cables and other components.

A preamp or phono stage

Your amplifier and speakers will receive the signals from your turntable through a preamp or phono stage, which is the final component. Preamplifiers are the same as phono stages (phono amplifiers), except that the phono amplifier adjusts the tone of your turntable, the quality of your speakers, and the volume of your speakers.

An amplifier

Amplification is essential for creating the best chatting between your preamp and speakers, and it converts the signals from your preamp to produce the best sound.


You can add some old-school vibes to your music-listening experience with turntables, but if you need to be adequately connecting your turntable to speakers, you’re missing out on all the bass that turntables can produce. Many people ask, “Do turntables need speakers?” Yes, they do! Two types of speakers are required for turntables:

  • Active Speakers
  • Passive Speakers

In active speakers, amplifiers are built-in and easy to plug into and use, but they require power to function. With passive speakers, you do not need an additional amplifier, so you can easily connect them in no time at all with a receiver and amplifier.

A receiver:

Using a receiver, you can quickly switch input and output connections between your home audio system and will be able to convert radio signals. Even though most people don’t understand receivers, they are an essential part of your home audio system.

RCA cables

Connecting speakers to a turntable with RCA cables is essential; these cables combine many parts, and most appear in the following form: Thick black wire with a red and white connection (at the end).

Turntable dock

You can buy a turntable dock if you want to connect your turntable to an external speaker system.

How to Connect Turntables with built-in amp and active speakers? (Excellent choice)

  • For connecting your Turntable to your active speakers, use an RCA cable.
  • As soon as the speaker and Turntable have been connected, start enjoying the Beatles: Abbey Road album (my favorite).

How to connect Turntables without a built-in amp and active speakers

  • Use one set of RCA cables: Preamp To Speakers
  • From your Turntable, connect a ground wire to the preamp.
  • Another wire needs to be connected from the speakers to the preamp.
  • This is all you need! For those who do not have ground wires, please purchase one (it is a necessity)

 How to connect turntables with a built-in preamp, receiver, and passive speakers

  • Bypass the preamp
  • To set it up quickly, you have to use your receiver.
  • So RCA Cables requires
  • With the help of RCA cables, connect the Turntable to the receiver.
  • Your speakers will now be connected to your receiver using your wires.

How to connect turntables with preamp, receiver, and passive speakers

  • The RCA cables need to be connected one pair at a time to the Turntable and the other pair to the preamp.
  • With one set of RCA cables, we have to connect the preamp to the receiver.
  • Your passive speakers must now be connected to your receiver.
  • Now Ground wire you need
  • Connect the ground wire from the Turntable to the preamp.

How to connect Turntable to Bluetooth speakers

Turntables and Bluetooth speakers can be connected for better sound quality with old records and cassettes if you’re looking for a solution.

Your Turntable must be compatible with a Bluetooth speaker before you can connect it to one. You only need the right speaker after that, so you need to connect it to the Turntable and set it up. Streaming music directly from the speaker to the Turntable is possible once connected.

The simple setup of a turntable and Bluetooth speakers is a great way to enhance your music collection with some extra sound. This can be done by connecting the Turntable to the speaker and using Bluetooth speakers to play your music.

Turning your Turntable into a Bluetooth speaker

Turn on both devices and make sure they are connected before streaming. There are a few ways you can connect your Turntable to your Bluetooth speakers.

A cable can connect your Turntable to your Bluetooth speaker, and this method is simple and effective, but if you need to move your Turntable often, it can be messy. Using a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver, you can directly connect your Turntable to your Bluetooth speaker without cables. However, this method may require more technical know-how and be harder to set up than the cable option.

 It depends on the specific situation whether you want to connect your Turntable to your Bluetooth speakers with a cable or a transmitter/receiver. If you want to get going, you may consider using a cable or transmitter/receiver. In contrast, a Bluetooth speaker dock or adapter may be more reliable and easier to use if you want something more convenient.

How to Connect Turntable to Bluetooth speaker with built-in preamp

We will discuss method one for turning a turntable with a built-in preamp into a Bluetooth speaker! (For turntables with built-in preamps)

  • Attach the Turntable to the preamp (Using RCA cable)
  • RCA cables should be connected to the preamp on one end.
  • Use a 3.5mm line to connect your Bluetooth speakers.

When Connecting A Turntable To Speakers, Keep The Following In Mind

If you want to connect your Turntable to speakers, keep these things in mind.

  • Compatibility between speakers and Turntable should be checked. You can easily connect turntables to your stereo system with their RCA or 3.5mm input ports. However, not all speakers are compatible with turntables, so you must confirm this beforehand.
  • You should also consider the level of volume that each speaker can handle when connecting your Turntable to your speakers. Although many modern stereo systems are equipped with powerful amplifiers, if your speakers aren’t up to par, they may experience distortion or noise at full volume if your Turntable produces high output levels.
  • Make sure the speaker connection between your Turntable and Turntable is working before using them - but be careful when turning the volume up or down.
  • Ensure that your speaker system has enough room for the addition. Turntables can be large and bulky and will not fit neatly into most stereos.
  • To connect your Turntable to your speakers, you need to ensure that your speakers have an AUX input so that your RCA cables can be used.

 Tips for adjusting the volume and increasing the sound quality of the Turntable:

A few adjustments can be made to the volume of your Turntable to improve sound quality.

  • The volume can be adjusted by turning either of these controls up or down. In the most basic sense, turntables have two volume controls: platter speed and tone.
  • A pre-recorded album may also have a bonus track with a lower volume than the main track. Bonus tracks are usually hidden in the artwork or on a separate disc, so look for them.
  • Keep your music volume at a moderate level while playing your Turntable. Turntables can generate a high level of sound pressure, so be sure to keep your volume moderate when playing music.

How to connect Turntable Directly to the Speakers?

Things you need to connect your Turntable directly with your speakers are:

  • Powered speakers
  • Phono preamp built

How to check if Turntable has a built-in preamp

To find out whether your Turntable has a built-in phono preamp or not, you simply connect your Turntable’s LINE output or a PHONO/LINE switch. If it does, congratulations! If you are not using a standalone speaker, you cannot connect the Turntable to a standard passive speaker.

How to connect Turntable to powered speakers

 You can connect a turntable to powered speakers if you want to add excitement and fun to your music-listening experience. You can enjoy your music by connecting your Turntable to powered speakers with a turntable with vinyl playback capabilities.

Connecting Your Turntable to the Powered Speakers

Here are some tips for connecting your powered speakers to your Turntable.

The output of your Turntable

There are various output types for turntables, ranging from 3.5 mm to RCA.

Type of speaker you’re using

RCA and optical inputs are available on most powered speakers, so choose the one that corresponds to your Turntable.

Steps to connect Turntable to powered speakers

Connecting the Auxiliary Input

  • Auxiliary inputs on Turntables should be checked first.
  • Powered speakers have speaker ports on the back that must be connected to auxiliary inputs.
  • The third step is to connect the Turntable’s power cord to the powered speakers' power cord.
  • Lastly, set up the powered speakers' speaker settings.

Adjusting the Volume on the Powered Speakers

You can adjust the volume of your speakers by turning the volume knob on your Turntable if your speaker system is connected to your Turntable via an RCA cable. To adjust the volume on the speakers, you must buy a dedicated audio adapter if you are connecting your system via a 3.5mm audio cable.

Adjusting the tone on the Powered Speakers

You can adjust the tone of the music using the equalizer on powered speakers. To do so, boost the treble and bass until you are satisfied with the sound, then turn them back down.


  • Your power supply is the first thing you should check if your Turntable is not connecting to powered speakers.
  • It is imperative to make sure that the cables are connected correctly.
  • Use a different cable or reconnect the cables differently.
  • Troubleshoot your powered speakers directly if those fixes do not work.


Your home probably has AUDIOENGINE speakers that you use to listen to your favorite music if you are like many people. In this article, we will show you how to connect a turntable to an Audioengine speaker in easy steps.

How to connect Audioengine speakers to Turntable built-in preamp

You must first be aware of your turntable type in order to connect it with Bluetooth speakers. For example, suppose your Turntable has a built-in preamp, such as the Audiotechnica AT-LP120 or Music Hall USB-1. In that case, the Audioengine-powered speakers will connect easily to your Turntable if your Turntable has a phono amplifier.

  • Connect the Turntable out to Audioengine speakers.
  • Ensure set it is set to “Line.”
  • That’s it!

How to connect Audioengine speakers to turntable without built-in preamp

In the absence of a built-in preamp on your Turntable, an external phono preamp will be required to connect Audioengine speakers.

  • Connect turntable output to an external phono preamp
  • You can also ground your phono preamp itself by connecting the preamp output to the analog input of Audioengine speakers.

How to connect Audioengine speakers to Bluetooth-ready turntables

Bluetooth turntables are getting more and more popular these days, so follow these instructions to connect your Bluetooth turntable to your wireless Audioengine speakers:

  • Check Audioengine Bluetooth device LED light flashing (In pairing mode)
  • Go near your Turntable
  • In order to pair your Turntable, you must press the pairing button for two seconds until the light flashes. If you have an Audio Technica AT-LP60-BT, press the pairing button until the light flashes for two seconds.
  • Upon entering pairing mode, the AT-LP60-BT Turntable will automatically search for wireless speakers by Audioengine.
  • Pair and Now enjoy!

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