Every DJ needs to own a good-quality turntable. Due to their high-quality sound and scratchability, Direct Drive turntables are preferred by DJs and audiophiles. Those who mix vinyl records with modern digital files and classical and acoustic music will benefit from a direct drive turntable.

Our article is curated to give you the best direct drive turntable, so, if you’re looking for a turntable, Wooster Audio has everything you need. No matter what type of DJ setup you have or what kind of music you enjoy, the direct drive option is a beast option.

Did you know: It was Shuichi Obata who invented the first direct-drive turntable.

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Our Recommendations For Best Direct Drive Turntables

Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK Turntable Fully Manual Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK Turntable Read More See On Amazon
Crosley C200A-BK Turntable Best Value Turntable Crosley C200A-BK Turntable Read More See On Amazon
Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Turntable Best DJ turntable Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Turntable Read More See On Amazon
Vosterio Record Player Direct Drive Turntable With Build-In Speakers Vosterio Record Player Read More See On Amazon
Technics Turntable Premium Option Technics Turntable Read More See On Amazon

Best Direct Drive Turntable Reviews

Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK Turntable (Image credit: Amazon)

Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK Turntable

Fully Manual


Fantastic for beginners

Solid drive mechanism

Anti Skate improved

Entry level direct drive record player


Dust cover hinges can be fragile

Built-in preamp may not satisfy to some audiophiles

Enjoy the high-fidelity sound of vinyl with the Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK. This setup will cost you $350—a DC servo motor with direct drive and selectable 33, 45, or 78 R speedsPM. The design also contains a damped base structure for reduced low-frequency feedback coloring. 

The manual setup has balanced, variable pitch control with a quartz speed lock and adjustable dynamic anti-skate control. The product has an S-shaped tonearm with a locking rest and hydraulically damped lift control. 

Setting up the arm balance on the Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK is relatively easy, but people not mechanically inclined might need assistance. After then, it has done an excellent job of playing our old and new vinyl records, you receive more. 

Compared to the 120’s tremendous noise, the platter/motor is tranquil. You won’t be able to hear the motor even if you place your ear close to the 120X. So excellent. Users praised the LP120’s RCA jacks, removable pilot light, and built-in pop-up light for allowing them to replace their cords. The LP120X additionally has a detachable light for rotational purposes.

Crosley C200A-BK Turntable (Image credit: Amazon)

Crosley C200A-BK Turntable

Best Value Turntable


No frills design

Solid build quality

Easy to set-up

Phono preamp is build-in


Short size RCA cables are included

The cost of the Crosley C200A-BK is $220. This system uses Crosley’s first best direct drive turntable motor, which swiftly and smoothly accelerates records. To create the best mashup ever, you may use the built-in pre-amp or add your own. An AT-3600 moving-magnet cartridge, adaptable to any preference, is included with the C200.

The finest feature is balancing the S-shaped tonearm’s smooth curves with an adjustable counterweight while selecting your beat with a different cartridge. Thanks to the built-in pre-amp, connect in powered speakers, and you’re ready to rock. Of course, you may always use your pre-amp instead of the one with the device. Although the Crosley C200A-BKt was a tad fast right out of the box, several users claimed it was readily adjusted, so the dots on the platter seemed immobile in the lighting.

You may also change the cartridge and correctly set tracking with the counterweight. The high-quality stylus may be upgradeable. Bluetooth is quite handy regarding connectivity, and the audio quality is excellent. Your music from vinyl through the same Bluetooth headphones will sound better/warmer with the Crosley C200A-BK than the same song using the same headphones when streamed at the best streaming rate.

Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Turntable (Image credit: Amazon)

Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Turntable

Best DJ turntable


Solid Pioneer build

Has great torque and stability

Budget friendly turntable


Cheap RCA cables included

The Pioneer DJ PLX-500 offers a warm, clear analog sound and takes after the design of the PLX-1000 professional turntable. It’s the ideal deck for beginning vinyl playback. This high-torque deck is well-made, has good vibration dampening, and has precise audio playback. 

It also includes a USB port for our free rekordbox software to digitize your vinyl collection. You may also use this player with the Rekordbox DVS Plus Pack (a compatible mixer and the RB-VS1-K Control Vinyl) to play and scratch with digital files. The Pioneer PLX-500 provides a high-quality vinyl sound, just like the PLX-1000. 

The shortest audio path from the stylus to the outputs minimizes distortion, and the phone/line output option enables direct connections to powered speakers or your home music system without an extra amplifier. Therefore, by simply connecting the turntable to your PC or Mac through the USB, you can now record your vinyl collection to high-quality digital files.

Alternately, have fun mixing and scratching your vinyl records, or pair the turntable with the RB-VS1-K, rekordbox dvs, and a suitable DJ mixer. You may now use vinyl to perform and playback your digital files.

Vosterio Record Player (Image credit: Amazon)

Vosterio Record Player

Direct Drive Turntable With Build-In Speakers


Game-changer Bluetooth connectivity

Has built-in speakers

Easily connect using RCA cables


Some complains about speaker sounds static

Vosterio Record Player will only cost you $100. This vintage-style record player gives you a genuine, complete, live vinyl experience in both treble and bass thanks to its two integrated stereo speakers and anti-vibration technology. Thanks to the wooden finish, it has a warm, velvety smooth feel, which also adds to the nostalgic vibe and transports you back to the good old days. 

The record player’s LED panel on the back displays the appropriate mode. With the help of the buttons on the panel, you can quickly change settings or digitally save your record on a USB or SD card. In addition to having a stylish look, the Vosterio Record Player supports playing vinyl at three different speeds (33 1/3, 45, and 78). so that you can play every 7", 10", and 12" vinyl record in your collection; with its built-in HI-FI speakers and sturdy construction, the Vosterio record player may typically increase your enjoyment of vinyl records.

Regarding connectivity, Bluetooth allows you to stream music by linking your cellphones with Bluetooth. If FM radio is your thing, have no worries because this player supports frequencies between 87.5 and 108 MHz. The integrated FM tuner can also automatically find and save stations. Additionally, by plugging in your USB drive and TF card to the USB and TF jacks, you may play any digital music stored on them. Also, You may immediately record your vinyl into a USB device or TF card when playing a particular LP. By plugging a 3.5mm cable into the aux-in jack, you may stream music from your MP3 player, phone, or tablet.

Technics Turntable (Image credit: Amazon)

Technics Turntable

Premium Option


High-precision stable rotation

Beautiful design

Audiophile-Grade Cartridge Included (AT VM95C)


Bit Expensive

This is a bit expensive player, costing more than $1000. With Technics Turntable, a Premium Class HiFi Record Player, embrace the Real Vinyl Culture. The SL-100C Turntable, with classic features of Technics' illustrious turntables, employs a single-rotor coreless direct drive brushless DC motor for steady, smooth playing. 

This player reads your records accurately by offering For the best tracking and quality; the high-sensitivity metal S-shape tonearm reads every signal in record grooves. The player includes High fidelity is provided with little setup required by an Audio-Technica cartridge, and the tonearm height is simply adjustable within a 6 mm range, making it possible to utilize different phono cartridges for simple upgrades. 

An auto-lifter that lessens the wear on records and styluses is also available. The lifter elevates the cartridge after a record. The sleek and elegant structure doesn’t require motor power, eliminating electrical or resonance/ vibrational impact to help secure vinyl records from stylus wear. Your house may be decorated with a Technics Turntable, Premium Class HiFi Record Player in addition to being a player. A vinyl player provides an exquisite listening experience with a gorgeous body, design and attractive, high-quality functioning and is best direct drive turntable overall.

Learn About How Direct Drive Turntable Works

Direct Drive turntables allow you to track albums more accurately and at a faster speed than other types of turntables. A motor is used to spin the records; the motor is located under the platter’s center (motor directly connected to the platter), thus eliminating vibration and noise from its mechanisms and gears and has no moving parts, so problems like pops and clicks are less likely to occur.

The Direct-drive turntables do not use belts or pulleys to move the records and are also more user-friendly and have higher torque than those that operate via a belt drive.


Turntables with Direct Drive motors reproduce sound accurately and precisely, but they can be vibration-prone because they have motors, but they also have long lifespans, which makes them a wise investment. 

Advantages Of Direct Drive Turntables

There are several advantages to direct-drive turntables over traditional turntables:

  • DJs who need high-quality audio output often choose direct drive turntables because they are faster and have more accurate tracking than belt-driven models.
  • Unlike traditional ones, direct drive turntables use a motorized platter to move the records instead of a belt or chain, making them faster and more accurate.
  • The direct drive turntable also boasts a longer playing time than traditional types as it typically has more torque than belt drive.
  • Turntables with direct drives have less tendency to slip and rotate when playing records, which results in less noise.

Disadvantages of Direct Drive Turntable

  • Direct-drive turntables tend to be more expensive than belt-driven turntables
  • Turntables with direct drives are less common than those with belt drives.

How We Tested


As part of this process, Team Wooster Audio read the user manual from the manufacturer’s website before setting up the turntable and using it properly.

Speed Test

Using a speed measurement tool and strobe disc, we checked the speed accuracy of all listed turntables. The speed accuracy of all turntables was the same as the manufacturer’s specifications.

Record Listening Test

In order to test, we loaded various records onto our listed turntables for a professional evaluation of their clarity, dynamics, and frequency response. After paying attention to the sound reproduction, we found that it was clear and accurate, and there were no distortions.

Torque Test

As a result of the torque test, heavy bass or complex instruments were played on the turntable. With our direct drive models, we observed that they provide ample torque and maintain a stable rotation speed, allowing you to listen to heavy bass music without hearing distortions or fluctuations.

How do I know if my record player is a direct drive?

Check your record player for the following features to determine whether it is a direct drive:

Motor Placement

Direct drive players move discs by rotating the platter driven by a motor.

Lack of Belt

You will not find a belt as the motor is directly coupled with the platter.

Pitch Control

The platter’s speed can be controlled by a pitch control in direct drive turntables, while in belt-driven turntables, the pitch control is usually not present.

High Torque

It maintains a more consistent speed due to the increased torque provided by the direct drive system compared to the belt drive.

A ‘direct drive’ label

The label on some direct drive record players reads ‘direct drive.’

A speed control

It is possible to adjust the playing speed of some direct drives through speed control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a DJ need a good-quality DJ mixer?

Because no DJ would want people to boo to their songs, only a good-quality DJ mixer can produce the best sounds and excellent music that people will love. Using a low-quality DJ mixer ruins the real sound but cannot produce real sound waves.

What is the range of wow and flutter on a direct-drive turntable?

The range of wow and flutter on a direct-drive turntable is between 0.1% and 0.2%. On a direct-drive turntable, a suitable wow and flutter rating is less than 0.2%. A configuration that is below 0.1% is ideal. The human ear might be able to pick up a very slight variation in pitch on a steady test tone if it is above 0.2%.

Can you Djing With Direct Drive Turntable setup?

Obviously, It is possible to create a great DJ setup with a direct drive turntable which is explicitly designed for DJs and is also famous among them due to great features like high-quality rotors and high torque that allow very accurate playback of your music when DJing.

If you are Dj, we recommend you go with a specifically designed direct drive turntable with features you demand, like an adjustable pitch control design. Some DJ-oriented turntables, such as Pioneer Pro DJ PLX-500-K, are famous among Djs for reliable performance.

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