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All About Wooster Audio

Wooster Audio, Founded In 2005, is the world’s ruling independent guide on the latest Hifi news, innovations, and buying guides.

Wooster Audio is an independent online source for musicians and strives to provide the best quality Hifi content for audiophiles and music producers.

To help you make the right choice, Wooster Audio provides a variety of information and guidance on choosing the best audio device and gadgets like speakers, sound bars, amplifiers, microphones, AV receivers, tape recorders, turntables, radio receivers, mixing consoles, headphones,in-ear monitors, Bluetooth speakers and more.

How did it all start?

To provide people with the step-by-step Hifi information they need, and our features offer music and movie tips opinions. I built this website from the ground up as a professional sound enthusiast. If you search for answers to your Hifi-related questions on this website, you won’t have to go through an endless list of search results.

As I have completed new aspects of sound engineering over the years, I developed a deep fascination with it.

My fascination with the music world inspired me to learn website-building, SEO analysis, and keyword research to create a comprehensive website to assist other audiophiles.

What do we do

Initially, the website was created to provide honest product reviews and top-quality audiophiles blogs so that users could buy the best components for the most affordable price and get up to date.

About Wooster Audio Team

William (Deputy Editor)

William Is the Deputy Editor of Wooster Audio and is a tech journalist with around five years of experience writing news, features, and reviews. He loves music and reads and writes the latest speakers and soundbars, news and information (all the cool features). William helps you make sense of terms like a soundbar with Dolby atmos or q symphony, bookshelf vs. floor-standing speakers, and so on. William also contributed to some outlets, including BA High Life Magazine and Sunday Times. Premium sound systems are his passion, and he is also keen on in-car audio systems (car tech). William In Spare time loves to play GTA 5 and is super excited about the release of GTA 6. So, only for William, the Wooster Audio Hr department gets mailed of purchasing a brand new Xbox One and Samsung Oled smart tv set on The Basement of Fun, where at break time, Wooster audio company employees enjoy and relax their minds.

Momina Baber (Technical Editor)

Momina Baber is the Technical Editor of Wooster audio. She has been reviewing home cinema equipment and smart TVs for over one decade. She loves to write Hifi blogs and has covered hundreds of products. Her educational background is based on Mass communication. Soon Momina baber will work on our upcoming Wooster Audio Magazine and other projects. 

Nimra Noman (Managing Editor)

Nimra Noman is the managing editor of Wooster Audio and has nine years of experience in the hi-fi industry. Nimra Noman loves to travel, and especially for CES 2023, she traveled from Pakistan to Las Vegas to watch, learn and enjoy Samsung and other brand showcases in 2023, future upcoming Soundbars, Smart TVs, AI Speakers, and more. In their Spare time, Nimra Noman loves to watch horror movies the way he leads juniors; the CEO Nomistar has an excellent surprise for Nimra Noman (Hint For Nimra: Pro….ion).

Tallal Dean (Hi-Fi and Audio Editor)

Tallal Dean is the Hi-Fi and Audio Editor of Wooster Audio. He began his career as Wooster Audio’s Staff Writer, and now he is Hi-Fi and Audio Editor. Tallal also worked as Reviews Editor and Deputy Editor at Stuff, and he showed his dedication to Wooster Audio daily and worked as a lead editorial team in an organized manner. Tallal Dean Has great knowledge of Hifi, and his educational background is based in sound engineering. Tallal loves to catch up with TV shows in their spare time, and on weekends, he loves to djing turntables and to hang out with friends.

Message for Team Wooster Audio By CEO Nomistars:

Everyone here shows their dedication to Wooster Audio daily. The CEO of Wooster Audio will have the pleasure of watching you grow as a Team and work consistently to obtain the best results. You have demonstrated a wide range of skills among yourselves and are able to work in such an organized manner. We see each of you motivated to be better and each of you getting better than you were before. The Owner and CEO Nomistar appreciate your excellent performance and sincerely thank you for your dedication.

Topics We Write On

You can find everything you need to refresh your area, from the latest home cinema setup to interior design for Hifi. Our reviews are mostly focused on most demanded audio products like speakers,subwoofers,soundbars,microphones,turntables,phono cartridges and more. So at Wooster Audio you properly learn how to connect soundbar to how to get a budget soundbar.

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