Using Portable Bluetooth speakers with Xbox One and Xbox One S will improve the sound output, so enjoy better sound while playing games alone or with your friends and family. Many of you ask, ‘Can I connect my Bluetooth speaker to Xbox One or with my Xbox One S? The answer is clear cut, Yes! You can, and for this purpose, you only need some specific tools and applications that will help you link your Bluetooth speakers to get crystal clear sound from Xbox One and S while gaming.

Your Bluetooth speaker can be connected to your Xbox One console in various ways. So, Today, let’s learn how to connect Bluetooth speakers to Xbox One and S with a Bluetooth adapter.

To connect your Bluetooth speaker to your Xbox console, you need to buy an external device, a Bluetooth adapter which is the best option for connecting your Bluetooth speakers with Xbox One console, and it plugs into the USB port to your console and enables Bluetooth connectivity, and you can also use a Bluetooth adapter to enable Bluetooth in your laptop or computer. As we know that the Microsoft Xbox One does not come with Bluetooth functionality (Bluetooth microchip). So, we will use a Bluetooth adapter that will connect your Bluetooth speaker Wirelessly to your Xbox One. As a downside, the Bluetooth speaker cannot be used with other devices while plugged into the Bluetooth adapter.


The following are two ways that you can connect your Bluetooth speaker to your Xbox One:

First Method: Bluetooth Transmitter or Adapter (Use).

  • For this method, you will need only a High-quality Bluetooth adapter and your Bluetooth speaker.

Method 2nd: With Smartphone (No adapter requires).

  • This method will answer the question ‘how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to Xbox One without an adapter,’ for this method, you will need Your smartphone, a Bluetooth speaker, Xbox mobile app, and a 5Ghz router frequency.

How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker To An Xbox One And S

To connect a Bluetooth speaker to an Xbox One, you have to select the method and follow these steps:

Set Up Using Bluetooth Dongle

  • A Bluetooth dongle requires (Note: The dongle must have an optical Toslink end).
  • A Supplied USB cable.
  1. First, you must find the optical port on the back of your Xbox console, and then you have to connect the optical Toslink (Bluetooth dongle) to the optical port.
  2. On the end of the Bluetooth dongle, you have to connect the supplied cable to one end, and the other end of the USB supplied cable will be connected to your Xbox console.
  3. Now you have to turn on your Bluetooth speaker.
  4. When your Bluetooth speaker turns on then, you have to press the Bluetooth button (For pairing mode).
  5. Now two times, you have to press the Bluetooth dongle button (For quick succession pairing).
  6. Now both Xbox and Bluetooth speaker has been paired, so enjoy crystal clear sound.

Bluetooth Transmitter or Adapter

  • Optical cable REQUIRED.
  • USB cable REQUIRED.
  1. On the Bluetooth transmitter, you have to connect the supplied USB cable on one side to its USB port.
  2. Now onto your xbox one console USB; you must connect the other end of supplied USB Cable.
  3. Now we are at the point where our Bluetooth transmitter is turned ON (Light Blinking red and blue? Yeah! It is in pairing mode).
  4. Is no light blinking on your Bluetooth transmitter? No worries, press the Bluetooth button for 2 seconds to get it into pairing mode.
  5. Now turn your BT speaker starts, and you have to put it near your transmitter so they will automatically be connected when both are in pairing mode.
  6. Now connect the optical cable to your Xbox One optical cable port.
  7. All connected now; enjoy.

How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to Xbox One Without Adapter

Using a smartphone as a bridge between your console and speaker is the best option for those people who lack a Bluetooth transmitter.

  • Press the Xbox button one button (Controller).
  • On the TV Screen, you now have a menu that comes to go to > name or Profile and System.
  •  Scroll down > Select Setting.
  • Menu > Device and Connections > Remote Features.
  • Enable Remote Features.
  • Go to Power Mode > Set > Instant On.
  • Now connect the smartphone to BT Speaker.

Now the above method will help you to connect the BT speaker with your console, and the thing you have to note down that this method 80 per cent depends on your speaker brand, so let’s start:

  1. Put your speaker in pairing mode.
  2. Go to smartphone setting > Bluetooth connectivity.
  3. Check Available device.
  4. Select your speaker brand (Pair it).
  5. Go to Playstore > Search > Xbox App > Install the application.
  6. Now Sign in to Xbox app (with your Xbox Account)
  7. Set up connection.
  8. Launch Xbox app.
  9. Connect your Phone with the Xbox console via smart play.
  10. The Phone with Bluetooth and Xbox One with Phone are connected perfectly, so now it’s time to enjoy your Bluetooth speaker sound coming from Xbox One console.
  11. Follow the steps properly if you are still your Bluetooth speaker Won’t be Connected to your Xbox One, and if facing a low voice issue, then Check Your Internet Connection and internet connection and cables.

Remote Connection Issues

  • During your remote connection, when you receive any call on your Phone, the connection will be lost, and you will have to reconnect it again.
  • While playing, if you exit the Xbox application, then the bad news for you is that you will be disconnected from the Bluetooth speaker.

How to Disconnect a Bluetooth Speaker from an Xbox One

If you need to disconnect your Bluetooth Speaker from an Xbox One, follow these steps.

  1. On the Xbox One, go to Settings > All Settings.
  2. Under Devices & Accessories, find and select Bluetooth.
  3. Select your Bluetooth Speaker and press the Disconnect button in the list of devices on the left-hand side.

How to Connect USB Speakers to Xbox One

If you want to connect your USB speakers to your Xbox One, then follow the steps below:

  1. Buy Audio Extractor (Which will help transmit audio from Xbox One HDMI connection, and you will receive this audio from your Bluetooth audio speaker.
  2. 2 HDMI cables require, and a 3.5mm audio jack or optical cable also requires.
  3. Now use HDMI cable > One End To > Xbox HDMI Out port and the other end of HDMI cable to > Audio Extractor HDMI In port.
  4. Now use a second HDMI cable.
  5. Connect one end > To > audio extractor HDMI Out port and other ends to smart tv.
  6. Now give DC 5V power to the audio extractor with an adapter.
  7. Now use one end of the optical cable > Optical In the port of the audio extractor.
  8.  Another end to your speaker optical port.
  9. All done.

Connect Bluetooth speaker to Xbox One (Easy Language)

  • Connect the external adapter to Xbox.
  • Go to Xbox console > settings > Audio and Video.
  • Turn the Switch ON after Select Bluetooth Audio.

What Audio Output Options Do I Need to Set on Xbox One for a Bluetooth Speaker?

There are no Bluetooth audio device capabilities built into Xbox Ones. But there is one option that you can go for. Install the Xbox Remote Play mobile app on your phone. This will enable you to pair a Bluetooth speaker with your Xbox gaming system. Ensure the Bluetooth speaker is paired with the phone and the Xbox is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure for connecting Bluetooth Speaker With Xbox One And S Using the Xbox app?

You can easily connect your Xbox One and S with your Wireless Bluetooth Speakers by using Xbox app after the following way which is mentioned below:

  • First, your Phone and Xbox One console must be connected to the Same Wi-Fi network connection.
  • The Xbox App must be installed on your Phone.
  • You must sign in to your Xbox Live account.
  • Now Go To > Xbox app > Tap > Devices Tab.
  • Click on the ‘Add Device Button’.
  • Now select your Bluetooth Speaker Model Name.
  • Once you Found Speaker Model, Then Tap > Pair button.
  • Enter the PIN code (if prompted).
  • Check Connect Status.

Note: The procedure will only work if both your Xbox One console and your smartphone are signed in to your Xbox Live account at the same time.

How do I connect AirPods to Xbox One and S?

As you know, the Xbox not supporting Bluetooth audio, so you have to go through some procedure which is given below:

  • To Xbox One or S console, connect Bluetooth Adapter.
  • Put AirPods In Pairing Mode
  • Go To Xbox One or S Settings > Devices & Connections > Bluetooth.
  • Select You Airpods
  • If Need Enter Pin Code.
  • Paired :)

Which Bluetooth Adapter is best for connecting Bluetooth Speakers to Xbox One and S?

Some popular Bluetooth Adapters, including Mayflash Magic-X and Kinivo BTD-400, are specifically designed to connect any Bluetooth speaker to your Xbox gaming console and be used with Xbox controllers.

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