The audio capabilities for Hisense TVs can be enhanced. The key, however, is a top-notch soundbar! It is the end of all that straining to hear dialogue or missing cinematic explosions. With the best soundbar for Hisense TV, you transform your living room into just a small home theater.

Which soundbar would be the best fit for your Hisense TV? It’s the easy one that matches up with your TV’s look and delivers an impressive auditory punch. Think about clear dialogue, engulfing surround sound, and thumping bass all in one slender design.

Compatibility matters too. Luckily, the soundbar will simply connect to your Hisense TV without hassles. A good soundbar is an essential requirement when watching or hosting a cinema evening whether you are binge watching your favorite show.

However, in this vast pool of choices, how does one pick? Nomore worries! So, we have narrowed the options down and give you the best of them. Be ready to redefine your Hisense TV into an audiophile’s playground for an unforgettable home theater experience.

So, without delay let us look at the list of Soundbars best suited for Hisense Tv.

Popular Soundbar Recommendations

Hisense HS218 2.1ch 200W Best Value For Price Hisense HS218 2.1ch 200W Read More See On Amazon
Yamaha Audio SR-B20A With DTS Virtual:X virtual 3D Best Entry-level option Yamaha Audio SR-B20A With DTS Virtual:X virtual 3D Read More See On Amazon
SAMSUNG HW-Q990C 11.1.4 channel Bar Best (budget) Soundbar for Hisense SAMSUNG HW-Q990C 11.1.4 channel Bar Read More See On Amazon
Polk Audio React Soundbar with Alexa Best with Built-in Alexa Polk Audio React Soundbar with Alexa Read More See On Amazon
Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar Mini Best for small spaces Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar Mini Read More See On Amazon
Samsung Hw-a450/za 2.1ch Best soundbar for Hisense 55-Inch Class U6 Tv Samsung Hw-a450/za 2.1ch Read More See On Amazon

Here We Go!

Hisense HS218 2.1ch 200W (Image credit: Amazon)

Hisense HS218 2.1ch 200W

Best Value For Price


+ Good to go for big living rooms due to loud sound.

+ Have Sound settings changing options.

+ Has good connectivity ports.

+ No need for calibration.

+ Positive overall user experience.


- Less immersive than high-end sound systems.

- 5.1 surround channels sound is not supportive.

My first soundbar recommendation for Hisense Smart Television is HS218 by the same company Hisense. Released in 2020, the Hisense HS218 2.1ch Sound Bar is a noteworthy affordable choice for individuals looking to upgrade sound quality in 2024 of their home theater system. The HS218 serves a broad spectrum of users with its elegant design and adaptable features.

 The HS218 2.1CH Soundbar is a small but sturdy device, measuring only 3 inches in depth, 3.2 inches in height, and 37.8 inches in width. Its wall-mountable design makes it an adaptable option for a range of room configurations, and the fact that it works with 55-inch and larger Hisense smart TVs guarantees a smooth transition with your current home theater system.

This Hisense soundbar’s wireless capabilities cover both the built-in subwoofer and its connectivity options. The wireless subwoofer reaches an astounding SPL of 95.7 dB, even though it doesn’t provide extended low-bass. This makes it a good option for people who like their bass to be deep and thumping, especially when listening to music with a lot of bass or watching action-packed movies.

On HS218 many connectivity options are available with the HS218: HDMI In, HDMI ARC, Optical, Aux, USB, and Bluetooth. With so many different input options, users can connect their HS218 soundbar to multiple sources with ease and confidence because they are compatible with a wide range of TVs and other devices.

 The HS218 does not have Dolby Atmos or 5.1 surround sound, despite supporting Dolby Digital. But the lack of these features is offset by the fact that there is no need to calibrate the soundbar. This feature makes it more appealing overall, particularly for people who want a hassle-free setup.

While other voice assistants are not supported by the soundbar, the addition of Google Assistant brings a touch of contemporary convenience. This limitation might be acceptable for users who are primarily looking for an affordable audio upgrade given how affordable it is.

In conclusion, the Hisense HS218 2.1ch Soundbar offers an alluring audio experience at a reasonable cost. Its adaptable connectivity options, wireless capabilities, and user-friendly features make it a good option for people who want to upgrade their home theater system without going over budget. The HS218 overall performance and value make it a commendable option in the budget soundbar category, even though it might not have all the features of an advanced soundbar.

Yamaha Audio SR-B20A With DTS Virtual:X virtual 3D (Image credit: Amazon)

Yamaha Audio SR-B20A With DTS Virtual:X virtual 3D

Best Entry-level option


+ Decent bass.

+ Solid build quality.

+ Convenient design and no separate subwoofer required.


- Limited connectivity options.

- In sound focus, it lacks precision.

With its thin profile, the Yamaha Audio SR-B20A Soundbar is an inconspicuous installation. It has a simple installation procedure and a handy remote control for effortless operation, making it hassle-free for users. The SR-B20A has an integrated subwoofer that produces deep bass, improving the audio quality overall in contrast to external subwoofers.

Its ability to stream wirelessly over Bluetooth gives users more flexibility and facilitates seamless device connections. When it comes to delivering a clear voice and improved dialogue clarity, the SR-B20A shines. The audio experience is enhanced by the incorporation of virtual 3D surround sound, made possible by DTS Virtual: X technology. For a more engrossing sound profile, the Clear Voice technology further refines vocal frequencies.

 One of the unique features of SR-B20A is that it has an integrated gyroscope that can be used to optimize sound orientation for listening. This cutting-edge technology makes sure that the sound adjusts to the acoustics of the space, improving audio quality overall.

 The dynamic and immersive sound output of the SR-B20A is guaranteed by its support for the DTS Virtual: X audio format. With four sound modes, users can tailor their audio experience according to the content they’re viewing, making it versatile for a variety of situations.

The soundbar is compatible with modern home entertainment systems thanks to its array of connectivity options, which include HDMI Arc, Optical, and support for 4K pass-through. Furthermore, users can further expand their audio setup with the subwoofer out feature.

 The SR-B20A has excellent design and audio quality, but voice assistant integration is not available. This lack of voice control features could be a turnoff for users, particularly in a smart home environment.

 The SR-B20A is made to be a great fit for flat-screen TVs and is optimized to provide high-quality sound for this particular application. It’s a great option for people who want to improve the audio quality of their Hisense flat-screen TV because of its elegant design and strong audio output.

SAMSUNG HW-Q990C 11.1.4 channel Bar (Image credit: Amazon)

SAMSUNG HW-Q990C 11.1.4 channel Bar

Best (budget) Soundbar for Hisense


+ Deep immersive 11.1.4-channel audio.

+ Also support Q-Symphony support.

+ Seamless smartphone pairing.


- Pricey option.

- Upgraded version (Q990B) but added less features.

One of the priciest soundbars designed specifically for Hisense TVs is the Samsung HW-Q990C Soundbar, which takes center stage. Its angled shape and metal grille create a sleek appearance, and its impressive 11 front-facing speakers and 4 up-firing channels complete the package. The sophisticated features include an alphanumeric LED display, a dedicated grille for upward-firing drivers, and a small strip of buttons that conveniently control input, volume, and power.

The HW-Q990C redefines the standard by giving users a true Dolby Atmos experience and engrossing them in three-dimensional audio. With its 11.1.4-channel spatial audio configuration, the soundbar envelops the room in sound from every direction, captivating audiences with a rich, clear audio experience.

The HW-A450 soundbar enhances user convenience with its seamless integration with Alexa and features an integrated voice assistant and active hands-free navigation. Richness is added to the overall audio profile and the system is complemented with powerful bass from the separate subwoofer.

With support for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Wireless Dolby Audio, the HW-Q990C embraces wireless technology. The soundbar’s versatility and adaptability are further enhanced by the inclusion of technologies such as Q-Symphony, SpaceFit Sound Pro, Adaptive Sound, Spotify Connect, Game Mode Pro, Airplay 2, and AVA, despite its somewhat limited support for Bluetooth codecs.

Although it is somewhat pricey, the HW-Q990C’s many cutting-edge features make it worth the money. It is optimized for Hisense TVs 65 inches and larger, making it perfect for larger screens. The HW-Q990C is good for the Hisense U8H series.The immersive audio experience it provides enhances the visual power of high-end displays.

Polk Audio React Soundbar with Alexa (Image credit: Amazon)

Polk Audio React Soundbar with Alexa

Best with Built-in Alexa


+ Looks smart.

+ Sound quality is excellent.

+ Improved Amazon Alexa integration.

+ Comprehensive remote control.


- Single HDMI option.

- Requires separate sub & surrounds that are costly.

- Limited connectivity options (lacks AirPlay, Chromecast, and Ethernet).

- There are fewer multiroom options than Sonos.

The exquisite one-piece design of the Polk Audio React Soundbar, with its rounded corners and cuddly felt finish, makes it stand out. This sleek and small soundbar looks good with your entertainment system without taking up too much space on your TV. Its general aesthetic appeal is enhanced by its simplicity, despite the lack of a display. It fits into your home theater seamlessly and is best suited for Hisense TVs that are 32 inches or larger.

Two passive bass radiators, two tweeters, and two mid-range drivers are all located inside the React Soundbar. With its ability to produce powerful sound that fills even large rooms, this combination adds to the experience of true surround sound. The sound quality provides an engaging audio experience with its detailed bass and mid-range without distortion.

With Polk React soundbar, you can connect to your devices seamlessly and use well-known streaming services like TuneIn, Pandora, and Spotify. Although it has wireless capabilities, it’s important to note that a separate Polk React subwoofer is advised for the best low-frequency experience. For even more convenience, the soundbar can be linked with an Amazon Alexa system.

The React Sound Bar supports HDMI-carried sound via ARC and has HDMI eARC connectivity, making setup with compatible TVs simple. Its lack of extra HDMI inputs, however, might be a drawback for users who use several devices. Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 “cores,” which provide a 5.1 channel soundbar configuration, are supported sound formats.

When it comes to producing unified and powerful sound in rooms ranging from medium to large, the React Soundbar shines. The conversation stays focused and unambiguous, which enhances the immersive experience. The sound is still sharp and detailed even though the bass performance is a little bit limited. By giving your content more depth and dimension, the 3D virtual surround feature improves the audio experience as a whole.

The React Soundbar, which costs less than $200, offers lots of features at a fair price. It is important to be aware of its limitations, though, as it is less appropriate for a true overhead sound experience due to things like the lack of up-firing speakers.

Furthermore, users who own multiple HDMI devices may find the limited number of HDMI inputs to be a disadvantage. Despite the React Soundbar’s support for HDMI eARC connectivity, users who have multiple devices may find it limited by the lack of additional HDMI inputs. Although it offers some options, the USB (for service only) and TV optical connections might leave users wanting more.

The React Soundbar adds depth to your content and improves the audio experience overall with 3D virtual surround technology. At less than $200, it offers a compelling, cost-effective choice that opens up advanced sound technology to a wider range of users.

The Polk Audio React Soundbar is a desirable choice for individuals looking for a small-but-effective audio solution because it combines a sophisticated design with a strong sound performance.

The React Soundbar provides a well-rounded audio experience at an affordable price with its true surround sound capabilities, detailed sound quality, and integration possibilities with streaming services and smart home systems. Despite the possible absence of some sophisticated features, its overall performance and value make it a strong option for those looking for a soundbar under $200 for their Hisense Smart Tv.

Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar Mini (Image credit: Amazon)

Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar Mini

Best for small spaces


+ Build with premium quality.

+ Also feature app control.

+ Good in clear and clean sound.


- NO low-end authority.

- Awkward placement of ports.

- Limited HDMI passthrough.

- Underwhelming dynamics.

The Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar Mini, which retails for less than $700, is notable for its small size and elegant design that complements any interior design. In addition to improving user interaction, the angled top plate adds visual appeal with a dynamic LED bar. The two subwoofers ensure a harmony between form and function and add to the uncluttered appearance.

With its advanced virtualization technology and audiophile-grade drivers, the Ambeo Soundbar Mini provides an immersive 7.1.4-channel sound experience. The home entertainment experience is elevated by the strong bass and deep, crystal-clear audio, which provide a cinematic and audiophile-grade quality.

Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio are two of the most recent 3D sound experiences that are compatible with this soundbar. Users can anticipate a state-of-the-art audio experience that amplifies the realism of games, music, and movies.

The Ambeo Soundbar Mini’s clever adaptability takes it beyond conventional soundbars. Perfect sound placement and allocation are produced for a customized listening experience by a self-calibrating algorithm that learns and adjusts to the acoustics of the room. The Adaptive Mode optimizes audio output by scanning played content and making necessary adjustments.

With seamless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless connectivity, the soundbar provides an easy-to-setup experience. Its built-in Chromecast and Alexa further increase its versatility by giving you easy access to your favorite streaming services and intuitive control. A simplified entertainment experience and simple navigation are guaranteed by the user-friendly interface.

With its plug-and-play setup and intelligent self-calibration, it guarantees the best possible sound quality without requiring a lot of configuration. Because it requires little effort to enjoy immersive audio, it is a viable choice for both casual and tech-inclined users.

The Ambeo Soundbar Mini uses its AMBEO virtualization technology to simulate a 7.1.4 home theater system. By adding an extra degree of accuracy, the advanced room calibration makes sure that users are immersed in an engrossing audio environment that improves their overall enjoyment of watching and listening.

Samsung Hw-a450/za 2.1ch (Image credit: Amazon)

Samsung Hw-a450/za 2.1ch

Best soundbar for Hisense 55-Inch Class U6 Tv


+ Easy and hassle-free setup.

+ Versatile connectivity options.

+ Supports multiple audio formats.

+ Bass-producing wireless subwoofer.


- No Dolby Atmos support.

- aking in subwoofers may take time.

Released in 2021, the Samsung HW-A450/ZA provides versatility by coming with wall mount and freestanding options. Its flexible placement accommodates a range of room configurations, giving users options to maximize their home theater experience.

The HW-A450/ZA, which has a built-in wireless subwoofer, produces decent bass, but it might not live up to the expectations of fans of electronic music and fast-paced motion pictures. Although the subwoofer provides depth, its performance in certain genres may leave some users wanting more.

Samsung’s trademark features, such as a graphic EQ and presets, are supported by the soundbar. This gives consumers the ability to adjust the audio settings to their preference, making listening more personalized.

 The HW-A450/ZA, especially designed for Hisense televisions, promises immersive sounds with a maximum output power of 300 watts. With a sound profile that leans neutrally, it seeks to provide a well-balanced audio experience for a range of content.

You will find USB and optical ports on the HW-A450 soundbar, providing some connectivity choices. Unfortunately, its incompatibility with contemporary home entertainment systems is limited by the absence of HDMI ports, including HDMI ARC. The lack of this could be problematic for users who have several HDMI devices.

The HW-A450/ZA can support Dolby Digital, but it cannot deliver Dolby Atmos, which may disappoint moviegoers who are looking for a more immersive audio experience. Its abilities are further restricted in this sense by the lack of true surround sound channels.

On HW-A450, Wireless connectivity is made possible by Bluetooth capability, which lets users stream audio from their devices. One noteworthy addition is the dialogue enhancement feature, which enhances spoken word clarity for a better overall audio experience.

Some features that are becoming more and more common in the market are absent from the HW-A450/ZA. It lacks support for Airplay, Chromecast, built-in voice assistant, Wi-Fi, and a dedicated mobile app. This could be a disadvantage for consumers seeking an audio solution that is more integrated and comprehensive.

Quick Buying Tips

Size and Design 

Picking the top-notch soundbar for your Hise­nse TV? Make sure the­ size suits your room. The soundbar’s design should match the­ look of your TV. A smart mix of soundbar color and style boosts both sound and looks - making your entertainme­nt place perfect!

Sound Quality

The audio pe­rformance of a soundbar for your Hisense TV de­pends on factors like the channe­l count, which makes the sound immersive­. Support for Dolby Atmos and DTS: X makes it even be­tter. Adding a subwoofer boosts the bass sounds, cre­ating deep sound space, like­ in a real cinema.

Read More about Audio Formats


While choosing suitable soundbars for your Hisense, consider HDMI inputs to prevent hassles, and Bluetooth/Wi-fi for easy streaming. Consider using voice controlled models for easy operation. This gives you an enhanced performance and provides an up-to-date entertainment system.

Here is how to fix Onn. (Roku) soundbar Bluetooth pairing issues in a minute.


You also need to factor in your budget when choosing the appropriate soundbar for your Hisense TV. Striking the right balance of necessary features and cost is the best fit. Within your budget identify available features and ensure that your purchase will give you a real sense of value for money.

Final Words

I hope you have adequately learned how to get a soundbar that is actually worth it and best matches your Hisense Television; lets take a quick overview of our reviewed soundbars. In summary, the Hisense HS218, Polk Audio React, Yamaha Audio SR-B20A, Samsung Hw-a450/za, and SAMSUNG HW-Q990C soundbars cater to various budgets and preferences. The Hisense HS218 stands out as a budget-friendly option with basic features that are suitable for smaller setups.

The Polk Audio React offers an affordable choice with authentic surround sound but limited connectivity. Yamaha’s SR-B20A balances affordability and features, including a built-in subwoofer and precise voice technology. Samsung’s Hw-a450/za provides good bass at a moderate price point but lacks some modern features.

 The SAMSUNG HW-Q990C, the most expensive, excels with an immersive Dolby Atmos experience, built-in voice assistants, and advanced technologies, making it suitable for larger TVs but comes with a higher price tag. The Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar Mini, though priced under $700, offers audiophile-grade drivers, adaptive features, and compatibility with advanced sound formats, making it a premium choice at a competitive price.

William is technical editor of Wooster Audio, an audio enthusiast passionate about cutting-edge technologies. He has been working with us for three years, meticulously reviewing and evaluating wireless (speakers & soundbars), hi-fi, and home cinema equipment, and has covered 1000+ audio products. His background is based in Audio engineering and he has an ardent passion for building home theater systems and audio systems and loves audio mixing, editing and sound designing. This allows William to share this knowledge on Wooster audio site. He provides the most comprehensive audio information available by tapping into his expertise and keen insights. He can guide you to audio excellence on Wooster Audio with his discerning ear and commitment to quality. Contact William for any question (