A sound system for an RZR 1000 4-seater can enhance the riding experience by providing high-quality sound, communication, safety and entertainment. It can also help with navigation by providing GPS features and maps. A good sound system is also a great addition and can be effective for any RZR 1000 4-seater.

While Selecting a best sound system for RZR 1000 4-seater team Wooster Audio involves researching and comparing different options such as durability, sound quality, ease of installation, and compatibility with the vehicle. Also the audio team gives importance to reading reviews and recommendations of experts to make an informed decision. We also recommend you to also consider your budget and the intended use of your sound system to get the most value for money.

Popular Recommendations

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Best Sound System For RZR 1000 4 Seater Reviews

SuperATV MTX 6 (Image credit: Amazon)

SuperATV MTX 6

Great Universal ATV/UTV Sound Bar

The first review is of perfect outdoor adventure gear, the SuperATV MTX 6 Speaker featuring a 3-inch speaker, excellent for any open-air expedition and two 1-inch HF tweeters.

I found that the MTX 6 Speaker has much more robust construction and advanced acoustic engineering. In design, this MTX soundbar comes in black colour and on the front middle, you will find volume up/down, mute, and source button also, there is a red indicator light on top beneath the MX audio white logo.

You can mount this MTX soundbar under RZR 1000 4 seaters between 1.5 inches and 2.25 inches fitting as it features universal mounting clamps, and the overall soundbar measures 21-⅜ inches long so that it will fit easily on RZR. There is an integrated Bluetooth receiver in the MTX 6 soundbar, so while riding on RZR 1000 4-seater, you can really amp up the sound quality by connecting your Bluetooth devices after using this feature.

With SuperATV MTX 6 soundbar, the 3.5mm device connection is possible as it has an auxiliary input, and there is also an auxiliary output connection available, so if you have an extra soundbar or amplifier, then use this output connection for pairing. We can say SuperATV MTX 6 is the best sound system for RZR 1000 4 seater as it is made of heavy-duty materials and a sealed enclosure, so it’s sure to withstand any weather condition and all of the bumps and vibrations associated with off-roading.

So overall, the sound quality is outstanding with the SuperATV MTX 6 soundbar and best suit and easy install Either you have a UTV like the RZR 1000 4 seaters, so you’ll be ready to hit the trails in no time.

MTX RZRSYSTEM3 Sound System (Image credit: Amazon)


Expensive Audio upgrade kit

If you have Polaris RZR models from 2014 to 2017 and you want to enjoy high-performance audio, then here is MTX RZRSYSTEM3 Sound System (an excellent audio kit). This expensive audio kit is specially designed for Side-by-Side vehicles and ATVs. As MTX RZRSYSTEM3 is a very expensive audio system and under $1800, anyone can easily get it, but most of you think about whether the MTX sound system is worth considering in the price range? Only Team Wooter Audio will answer you.

All four speakers of MTX RZRSYSTEM3 are put in polypropylene pod housing, and these coaxial 6-½ inch speakers are weather resistant (Each pod) and have a power handling of 65W (RMS) with 130W Peak range, 90.7dB sensitivity, 4-ohm impedance and 85Hz to 22kHz range of frequency. After purchasing MTX RZRSYSTEM3, you will get a great combination of four trail-tough speakers, an amplifier, a receiver and a subwoofer. For connecting it with the RZR vehicle, the speaker wire and dash kit are also included.

We tested the MTX RZRSYSTEM3 sound system with our 2016 model of RZR, and while installing it, our team did not find a need for cutting or drilling.  As the MTX RZRSYSTEM3 system utilizes a weatherproof high-powered amplifier; so after pairing it with RZR 1000 4 seater you will enjoy crystal clear audio with bonus bass response.

For full-time wireless streaming, MTX RZRSYSTEM3 features Bluetooth technology, and it also maintains your comfort while riding, which is possible with its wired remote controlling, so there is no need to leave your driver’s seat now. For off-road vehicles like the RZR 1000 4 seater, the MTX RZRSYSTEM3 powerful sound system is a perfect addition and can withstand the toughest conditions. So overall the MTX M3 is best sound system for RZR 1000 4 seater.

SSV Works WP-RZ3O65 Sound System (Image credit: Amazon)

SSV Works WP-RZ3O65 Sound System

Best Valued

Now we will review SSV Works WP-RZ3O65, which is a revolutionary audio system for the RZR 1000 4 seater that will take the world by storm. The WP-RZ3O65 has a black design and has an adequately sealed storage compartment where you can put your phone for a charge, but one storage problem may be faced by people having larger types of phones like the iPhone 14 Plus or Note 4. As compared to MTX RZRSYSTEM3, it also gives you Bluetooth-enabled technology.

The SSV WP-RZ3O65 looks elegant due to its sleek design, and inside, there are waterproof marine speakers installed, so there is no need to worry about any accidents or spills. The SSV sound system contains much more built-in features like a built-in FM tuner and 200 Watt 4 Channel Amplifier for bumpy sound. The sound produced will be more clear, and as a body is made of durable fibreglass construction so also zero resonance is created.

The SSV WP-RZ3O65 has a much more intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use and navigate, and its long-lasting battery life makes it an ideal choice for those on the go. This device is also water-resistant, so you don’t have to. With so many features, the SSV Works WP-RZ3O65 Black is stylish, yet connected device that doesn’t sacrifice connectivity. The Installation of SSV WP-RZ3O65 is much simpler, and it is a process of 15 minutes to install this audio system with your RZR 1000 4 seater as all mounting hardware is included.

GoHawk ATN4 Speakers (Image credit: Amazon)

GoHawk ATN4 Speakers

UTV Stereo Speakers

After the SSV Works WP-RZ3O65 review, here are GoHawk ATN4 Stereo Speakers, which you will mount on your RZR 1000 4 Roll Bar. The GoHawk ATN4 speakers come in Black colour, and the body is made of ABS material, and there is also LED light which flashes in white and blue colour.

The GoHawk ATN4 is a perfect choice for car audio needs, and they are much more budget-friendly, so as compared to SSV Works WP-RZ3O65 and MTX RZRSYSTEM3, you can get ATN4 for only $200. The  GoHawk ATN4 speakers look much more beautiful and will increase the look of your  RZR 1000 4 seater. Technically they contain 2.0 channel amps which can handle 180W peak power and have 100MV-3000MV input sensitivity,20Hz-20KHz FQ and >80dB of S/N.

GoHawk ATN4 also contains a USB Input and microSD Slot. The GoHawk ATN4 features a built-in Bluetooth 4.0 receiver which will increase your wireless enjoyment, so get ready to experience music while riding RZR 1000 4 and make your day marvellous.

ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26 Soundbar (Image credit: Amazon)

ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26 Soundbar

Soundbar With RGB Addition

SoundExtreme SE26 by ECOXGEAR is an amazing Bluetooth speaker which delivers excellent battery life, durability and high-quality sound. Its convenience and versatility make it a perfect choice for a portable speaker that can handle any adventure. SoundExtreme SE26 by ECOXGEAR’s durable and rugged design is amazing for outdoor activities like hiking, camping and beach trips. Its outclass features include impressive battery life, which can last up to 50 hours on a one-time charge, which makes it ideal for an extended period of use.

SoundExtreme SE26 by ECOXGEAR is perfect for water-related activities like boating and swimming, as the speaker is waterproof and can be fully submerged in water without causing any damage. Its dual passive radiators and two full-range drivers make its sound quality noteworthy for delivering clear and crisp sound.

It allows users to use voice commands and take calls easily with the feature of the built-in microscope. The design of SoundExtreme SE26 by ECOXGEAR is unique and stylish, with a rugged rubberized exterior to provide protection and a strong grip from impact. Its carrying handle and built-in opener make it an outdoor companion. It is a mid-range priced speaker, which is a smart investment for outdoor activities and those on a budget.

Kemimoto 26 Inch RGB UTV Sound Bar (Image credit: Amazon)

Kemimoto 26 Inch RGB UTV Sound Bar

Budget Soundbar

Kemimoto 26 Inch RGB UTV Sound Bar is a perfect choice for any off-road vehicle providing customizable lighting and high-quality sound in a weather-resistant and durable package. Kemimoto 26 Inch RGB UTV Sound Bar is a powerful and versatile speaker designed for off-road vehicles like ATVs and UTVs. It features a built-in amplifier and 8 full-range speakers, which helps deliver high-quality sound that can be heard even in the engine’s roar.

Kemimoto 26 Inch RGB UTV Sound Bar standout features, like customizable RGB lighting, allow users to match their personal style and vehicle’s interior. When the lighting and music are synchronized, it creates a truly immersive audiovisual experience. The installation is easy and simple, as it comes with all of the necessary hardware. It can be mounted to the roll cage on most ATVs or UTVs.

Kemimoto 26 Inch RGB UTV Sound Bar delivers powerful, clear sound across impressive frequencies. The Bluetooth connectivity of the device or smartphone allows users to stream their music wirelessly. While it may be more expensive than other soundbars in the market, its fabulous features and quality justify the price for those who want to upgrade their off-road audio experience. The Kemimoto 26 Inch RGB UTV Sound Bar is the best sound system for RZR 1000 4 seater overall.

About Polaris RZR 1000 4-seater?

The RZR 1000 4-seaters are designed for unwavering performance, with a perfect blend of power, suspension, and agility. It is a four-seat-off vehicle for outdoor recreation. It has advanced features like adjustable suspension, a powerful engine, and four-wheel drive capabilities, making it well-suited for challenging terrain. RZR 1000 4 seater is perfect for off-road adventures and outdoor enthusiasts.

How To Test Sound System For Rzr 1000 4-seater?

Testing the sound system for an RZR 1000 4-seater involves selecting the sound system, installation, sound testing to evaluate sound quality, field testing and then evaluating the tests. Field testing is important to assess durability, weather resistance, and performance in different environments. A combination of laboratory and field testing evaluates the system’s performance and ensures it meets your needs. 

Typically, testing a sound system for an RZR 1000 4-seater involves various steps:


The installation process includes the following:

  • Gathering materials.
  • Choosing a location.
  • Mounting the sound system.
  • Running wires.
  • Connecting and testing the system.

Installation is crucial in testing a sound system for RZR 1000 4-seaters. Following the manufacturer’s instructions ensures the system is connected and mounted. 

Sound quality test

Testing the sound quality is important in evaluating a sound system for an RZR 1000 4-seater. It includes playing different types of audio content, adjusting settings, evaluating clarity and volume, assessing bass performance, and paying attention to noise levels. Adjusting the settings to get the optimal configuration that meets your preferences and ensures you deliver high-quality sound/audio in different driving conditions is mandatory. 

Bluetooth range

Bluetooth range is another important step in evaluating a sound system for an RZR 1000 4-seater which involves connection to Bluetooth, moving away from the sound system, determining range limits, adjusting settings, and testing in different environments. Pairing a device with the sound system and moving away from it can help you determine the range limits. Adjusting the settings is also important to optimize the bluetooth overall performance in different terrains. 

Weather resistance

The overall test for the weather resistance of the sound system on an RZR 1000 four-seater includes exposing it to different weather conditions. It also involves checking the sound system’s water resistance, corrosion resistance, and durability and comparing it with other sound systems available. The sound system must withstand off-road driving and perform reliably in any weather condition.

Vibration resistance

Testing for vibration resistance is a thorough process that requires various tests to ensure that the system can withstand vibrations and shocks during off-road driving. You can test the system at different volumes, checking for loose connectors and using different frequencies and a vibration tester. It will give you a better idea of how the system performs in the real world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits of adding Universal Sound Bar to the RZR 1000 4 seater?

Adding a universal sound bar to your RZR 1000 4-seater can provide several benefits, including enhanced entertainment, easy installation, weather resistance, and Bluetooth connectivity. It can improve your driving experience by providing entertainment and high-quality sound without any complications in installation and wiring. Overall it is very beneficial to add Universal sound bars to the RZR 1000 4-seaters.

Can I enjoy riding my Polaris RZR 1000 4-seater after adding a sound system?

It is especially true if you like to listen to music when riding. A good sound system will provide crisp and clear audio even when riding in rough terrain. The level of enjoyment that you get depends on how you use the system and your personal preferences.

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