The HyperX QuadCast microphone stands out as a multifunctional and premium USB mic tailored for gamers and content producers. You can capture clear and professional-sounding audio for gaming or podcasts with ease.  But this cool mic comes with only a basic stand. So, I will recommend you use Boom Arm to get extra mobility and flexibility while your audio recordings and configurations.

By incorporating the use of a boom arm, your HyperX Quad Cast microphone can be utilized to its full potential which will guarantee amazing results. Finding a sumptuous contender for a Boom Arm can be formidable because you will find many options with different construction and carrying capacities.

Today, Team Wooster Audio will discuss the features and benefits associated with having the best Boom arms for your Hyper X Quad Cast mic that mostly used for audio streaming setup. We’ll compare various brands and models while also providing an overall rundown of what makes them such beneficial additions to any streamer’s arsenal. By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to purchase a Boom Arm that meets your budget requirements and sound quality needs, ensuring maximum enjoyment during your energetic streams.

Best Boom Arm For Hyperx Quadcast Summary

 InnoGear Microphone Boom Arm Best For Gaming InnoGear Microphone Boom Arm Read More See On Amazon
Rode PSA1 Boom Arm Best For Studio Use Rode PSA1 Boom Arm Read More See On Amazon
TONOR T20 Boom Scissor Mic Stand Best Value TONOR T20 Boom Scissor Mic Stand Read More See On Amazon
IXTECH Microphone Boom Arm PRO-LEVEL IXTECH Microphone Boom Arm Read More See On Amazon
Blue Microphones Compass Premium Tube-Style Blue Microphones Compass Read More See On Amazon
Gator Frameworks Microphone Boom Stand Top Of The Line Gator Frameworks Microphone Boom Stand Read More See On Amazon
Neewer NW-35 Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Also Consider Neewer NW-35 Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Read More See On Amazon
SEENINSEER Boom Arm Best For A Variety of Scenes SEENINSEER Boom Arm Read More See On Amazon
Etubby Microphone Boom Arm Stand Best For Beginners Etubby Microphone Boom Arm Stand Read More See On Amazon

Best Boom Arm For Hyperx Quadcast Reviews

InnoGear Microphone Boom Arm (Image credit: Amazon)

InnoGear Microphone Boom Arm

Best For Gaming


Base rotation: 360° ~ Back and forth extension: 135° ~ Arm Shaft for up-and-down movement: 180° ~ Metal adapter: 270° ~ Load-bearing capacity: 53oz (1.5kg) ~ Surface Attachment: 2 inches thick ~ Cable Management: Yes ~ Adapter: 5/8" to 3/8" ~ Shock Mount: not included

For anyone looking to improve their audio, one stands and positions a microphone exactly where they want it; the InnoGear Microphone Boom Arm is a handy tool. Getting your microphone off the desk has never been more accessible with the InnoGear boom arm. With 360-degree rotation, this arm can easily be adjusted to the most comfortable position on any surface. Furthermore, the arm is lightweight, foldable, and portable, making it easy to move around.

A boom arm such as this can be attached to any standard microphone arm, is made of sturdy metal, and can easily be adjusted to meet your needs. With a reach of 38 inches horizontally and 37 inches vertically, this is an excellent tool for studio recording, podcasting, or live streaming. With high-quality, sturdy material and an easy assembly, the InnoGear mic suspension boom arm is an excellent choice for your audio recording needs. This mic’s boom arm tube has a thickness of 0.39 inches to 0.53 inches, so it can easily handle 4.4 lbs.

Microphones can be adjusted for height and angle, so you can position them exactly where you need them. With the boom arm’s built-in cable management system, you can also keep your cables organized and out of the way. It is a great way to secure your microphone or another device to a table with this boom arm Table Clamp Base from InnoGear. For optimal positioning, the boom arm can be rotated 360 degrees in the clamp to fit tables of different widths. The base is weighted for stability.

Rode PSA1 Boom Arm (Image credit: Amazon)

Rode PSA1 Boom Arm

Best For Studio Use


Desk Mounting Options: Yes ~ Horizontal Reach: 32.5 inches (820mm) ~ Vertical Reach: 33 inches (840mm) ~ Rotation: 360 degrees ~ Adapter: 3/8-inch thread adapter ~Shock Mount Compatibility: Yes - Seprate Requries ~ Weight: 1.74 kg (3.84 lbs)

Whether you’re recording at home or podcasting, the PSA1 is an excellent boom arm for your home studio. The two-section design makes transport and setup easy, and it is made of lightweight aluminium. Also included is a 5/8" thread for mounting to a tripod or stand and a built-in counterweight to balance your mic. The Rode PSA1 boom arm’s parallelogram springs provide resistance against unwanted movement. As a result of this design, the microphone arm can be adjusted without worrying about bouncing or moving. In addition to providing a more stable shooting platform, parallelogram springs ensure no wobble or play in the arm. Rode’s new PSA1 mic stand features internal springs and a “cleaner, more professional look.” It also has a redesigned locking mechanism that makes height adjustments easier.

Most microphones can be mounted on the Rode PSA1 with a shock mount that can hold 2.4 pounds. Thanks to the adjustable weight hold capacity, it can be adjusted to fit whatever microphone you need to use. It ensures that the microphone does not fall off the boom arm, which is a great feature. With a vertical reach of 32.5 inches and a horizontal reach of 33 inches, Rode PSA1 provides excellent flexibility.

Rode PSA1 BOOM ARM comes with two mounting options when it comes to mounting. Firstly, there is a desk clamp for tables or desks. You can also use the built-in stand mount on the back of the boom arm. The 5/8-27 thread on the connector allows it to be attached to a mic stand or other device. Thirdly, you can use the threaded end of the boom arm to attach it to another device so you can swivel your condenser mic up to 360 degrees. This can be useful if you want to attach the boom arm to a wall or another surface.

Adding an extra boom arm to your microphone setup is easy with the Rode PSA1 Boom Arm with a 5/8 inch thread adaptor. Adaptors are screwed onto the bottom of microphone stands, and boom arms are attached. With the Velcro cable wraps, you can manage your cables properly and extend the reach of your microphone.

TONOR T20 Boom Scissor Mic Stand (Image credit: Amazon)

TONOR T20 Boom Scissor Mic Stand

Best Value


Construction Material: Steel ~ Max Load Capacity: 4lbs (1.8kg) ~ Desk Clamp Compatibility: Fits desks up to 2.4 inches (60mm) thick ~ Horizontal/Vertical Distance: 700mm ~ Rotation Angle: 360°

The TONOR T20 scissor mic stand offers reliable performance at an affordable price. This metal steel stand has a load capacity of 4 pounds/1.8kg (outstanding). A scissor-style boom arm allows you to adjust the height and angle of your mic with ease, with a steel rod width of 12mm / 0.5in and thickness of 1mm / 0.04in. Tonor T20 Boom arms come with an adjustable desk clamp with 4 times the contact area. This allows for mounting lights, monitors, and other devices to desks and tables of thickness up to 2.4''/60mm. In the desk clamp, you will also find an integrated headset hook.

It includes a screw clamp that can be tightened to secure the device, and its arm can be extended and adjusted to various positions. With a weight capacity of 4.4 pounds, the Tonor T20 is made of metal and plastic. The boom arm extends up to 36 inches, giving you ample reach, and the scissor design makes it easy to adjust the height of the stand.

The Tonor T20 boom arm can support up to 22 lbs of weight and is super-tensioned for added strength. Adjusting the height and angle of the boom arm is quick and easy, thanks to the strong tension springs. It also has a tripod base, so it won’t tip over during live performances or recording sessions, making it ideal for live performances and recording sessions.

This Tonor T20 Boom arm standard 3/8" female to 5/8" male adapter (included) provides stability and eliminates unwanted vibration when connecting your boom arm to any shock mount or microphone. Designed for maximum comfort, the TONOR T20 boom can be adjusted upwards or downwards by 700mm horizontally or vertically. As an adjustable 360° full rotation microphone stand, it can be used by both right and left-handed users and is suitable for various microphones. A wide range of situations can be easily covered with the microphone since it can be attached to the boom in any direction. A T20 pop filter prevents plosives from occurring during recordings. So, overall the Tonor T20 is the premium boom arm for your Hyperx Quadcast and I will also review TONOR T90 soon which has great features including vibrant RGB lighting,solid build quality and decent range of motion and is good for RGB Enthusiasts.

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Inside The Box

  • Boom Arm
  • Desk clamp
  • Mic clip
  • 3/8" to 5/8" Adapter
  • Pop filter
  • Foam cover
  • Cable tie

IXTECH Microphone Boom Arm (Image credit: Amazon)

IXTECH Microphone Boom Arm



Material: Sturdy Stainless Steel ~ Microphone Weight Capacity: Up to 2.2 lbs (1 kg) ~ Rotation Angle: 360° ~ Cable Management: Integrated cable holder ~ Compatibility: Mic with 5/8" or 3/8" threading

The XTECH Microphone Boom Arm is around $100. With this adjustable boom arm, you can cast wonderful music, stream live, and share your original talent by keeping your mic near your lips.

Whether you’re an enthusiastic gamer, a budding podcaster, or work from home and need to communicate with people worldwide online, having your mic correctly spaced from your lips may make all the difference.

However, a standard mic might take up important desk space and only sometimes allows you to express yourself clearly. It can conveniently transport microphones weighing up to 2.2 lbs, has a C-clamp base, and a desk mounting shaft diameter of 0.35''. The adjustable boom Arm allows you to keep your microphone correctly positioned when needed and move it when you don’t. 

This XTECH adjustable boom arm microphone stand is compatible with various popular microphones and has a sturdy, well-balanced construction that provides high-quality recording and microphone use.

It’s great for podcasting, streaming video games, home audio studios, and other personal or business applications, thanks to the silent and robust internal springs that can hold up to 1kg of weight and the 360-rotating design that enables you to pull it into place or slide it out of the way flawlessly.   So overall this XTECH portable and adjustable boom arm is ideal for the Hyperx quad cast.

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Blue Microphones Compass (Image credit: Amazon)

Blue Microphones Compass

Premium Tube-Style


Construction: Enclosed aluminum ~ Cable Management: Hidden channel cable management system ~ Hinges: Hand-tightened friction hinges ~ Rotation: 360 degrees ~ Max Horizontal Reach: 32 inches ~ Max Weight Hold: 2.4 lbs ~ Desktop Mount: C-clamp

A Studio-Grade Design boom arm such as the Blue Microphones Compass Premium Tube is an excellent choice for anyone on a budget. A durable and stylish boom arm, this one is made of solid aluminium and features a premium tube broadcast studio-grade design. The microphone can also be positioned in any way you like since it’s fully adjustable.

The Blue Microphone boom arm has an internal spring system, which keeps the microphone stable no matter what you do. The microphone will stay in place even if you move your head around or jump up and down. Another reason Blue Microphones' boom arms are so popular is their internal spring design, which reduces sound distortion.

As a bonus, the Compass Premium Tube boom arm has a hidden cable management system, making it easy to keep your workspace neat and tidy. A Blue Microphones boom arm with tightened hinges allows users to adjust the microphone’s height quickly. With hand-tightened friction hinges, this microphone moves smoothly and quietly, making it ideal for singers or anyone who needs to adjust the height of their microphone frequently. In addition to having sturdy hinges, these mic stands are an excellent option for those who need a reliable mic stand.

The Yeti and HyperX QuadCast microphones are compatible with the blue microphone boom arm. The clamp included in the package allows you to attach it to a desk or countertop. As well as being able to rotate 360 degrees, the boom arm can be adjusted from 18 to 30 inches in height.

Recording equipment manufacturer Blue Microphones has introduced a boom arm compatible with standard shock mounts. Microphones can be attached and detached quickly and easily with this new boom arm. With a rubber grip pad that keeps your microphone in place, the C-clamp provides a robust, solid connection and secure mounting solution for the boom arm.

Designed for use with Blue Microphones' Yeti, Snowball, Bottle mic, and Hyperx quad cast models, the Blue Microphones adapter works with various models of Blue Microphones. Users can attach the microphones to a boom arm using the metal adapter, which features a standard 3/8-inch thread mount. Additionally, a 5/8-inch thread is included for use with larger booms.

Gator Frameworks Microphone Boom Stand (Image credit: Amazon)

Gator Frameworks Microphone Boom Stand

Top Of The Line


Rotation: Full 360-degrees ~ Maximum Extension: 32.25 inches (940mm) ~ Maximum Weight Capacity: 4.4 lbs (2 kg) ~ Maximum thickness: 2.17 inches or 55mm ~ Exterior Dimensions: 16 inches (Lower Arm) and 17.25 inches (Upper Arm)

The Gator Frameworks Broadcast boom arm for your microphone has an extremely versatile and sturdy design, which provides 360-degree rotation and easy desk upgradable.

The Gator Frameworks boom arm is best for sound-sensitive recordings, and if we talk about design, then while testing this boom arm, we found a heavy-duty 70mm threaded boom end mount, and there are multi knobs for securing the mic (at a desired angle).

If we talk about the boom arm by Gator Frameworks arm design, then you will find 16 inches (Lower Arm) and 17. 25 inch (Upper Arm), and overall net weight is 3.4 lbs, which is perfect for both recording and live use.

This Gator Frameworks stand features a sturdy steel construction that is able to support up to a Max weight capacity of 4.4 lbs, and it has black-powder coated steel construction, and it features a spring-Loaded articulating arm (32.25” Max Extension), making it the perfect for use with any microphone like Hyperx Quad cast. The Gator Frameworks boom arm is easily mountable or clamps to a desk, table or similar-sized surface of 2.17 inch / 55 MM max (In thickness) and comes with an integrated XLR Cable (10' Length).

As compared to InnoGear, Rode PSA1, and Tonor T20 mic stand, the Gator Frameworks is bitted pricey, and under $150, you can get this boom arm easily, whereas if your budget is under $100, then we will recommend you Rode PSA 1 or Innogear stand.

Additionally, the Gator Frameworks stand features a quick-release clamp system that makes it easy to attach and detach your HyperX quadcast microphone and is a clutter-reducing stand solutions that makes it Best for:

  • Broadcasters
  • Podcasters
  • Content creators
  • Radio hosts
  • On-air personalities

So, in a Nutshell, the Gator Frameworks boom arm is a great quality mic stand for hyperX quadcast and for versatile mounting, there is

  • clamping (included)
  • fixed mounting base attachment (included)

Neewer NW-35 Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor (Image credit: Amazon)

Neewer NW-35 Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor

Also Consider


Max Load Capacity: Approx 53oz / 1.5KG ~ Construction: Solid steel ~ Design: Adjustable ~ Maximum Table Thickness: 1.7"/4.5cm

Interested in purchasing a microphone suspension boom scissor? It might be right up your alley to consider the Neewer NW-35. With lightweight aluminium construction and a black anodized finish, the Neewer NW-35 Boom Scissor is a useful tool for suspending microphones. With foam grips and a storage pouch, this boom scissor is comfortable.

This scissor holds microphones of all shapes and sizes and is a versatile tool for recording studios. With a length of 9.8 inches and a weight capacity of 2.2 pounds, it can support microphones weighing up to 2.2 pounds. As well as this, the microphone’s suspension system is adjustable, so it stays in place regardless of how active the recording session becomes.

Furthermore, the NW-35 has an easy-to-use locking mechanism, making setup and takedown a breeze. Moreover, thanks to its lightweight design, you can carry it wherever you go. The Neewer NW-35 microphone suspension boom scissor is a great option if you need a quality microphone suspension boom scissor.

Additionally, you can adjust its angle easily with the 360-degree swivel mount. Mounting your microphone to a table or flat surface is easy with the Neewer NW-35 microphone boom arm table mounting clamp. A rubberized grip holds your microphone in place while the clamp is made of metal. Recordings can be done at the perfect angle with the boom arm’s adjustable tilt.

With this Neewer NW-35 Microphone boom arm Mic Clip Holder, you can attach your microphone to any boom arm. You can adjust the boom arm to get the perfect recording angle by placing it in any position. You can also easily position your microphone anywhere you need it by rotating the clip holder 360 degrees.

With the boom arm pop filter, unwanted noise can be reduced from your recordings. A standard mic stand can be attached to the boom arm, which has a maximum reach of 28 inches. In addition to its cable management system, the NW-35 is also equipped with an integrated cable management system to keep your cables neat and tidy. This is a great value if you’re looking for a microphone boom arm that can be adjusted.

The NW-35 from Neewer is a microphone boom arm featuring a flexible metal gooseneck. By doing this, you can position the mic exactly where you need it. The NW-35’s integrated shock mount also reduces noise and vibration. In addition, with its lightweight design, the NW-35 can be easily transported and set up.

NW-35 microphones have 360-degree swivel mounts, so you can position them wherever you like. Besides being adjustable in height, it can also be positioned to meet your preferences. Besides being easy to use, it’s quick and easy to set up, thus making it an ideal microphone boom arm choice. Most shotguns, condensers, and dynamic microphones can be mounted on the Neewer NW-35 Microphone boom arm. Any audio recorder who wants to reduce background noise and improve quality should consider this addition. With the quick-release mechanism, you can easily do so whenever you need to remove the arm. So, overall the NW-35 is the best boom arm for HyperX quadcast.

SEENINSEER Boom Arm (Image credit: Amazon)


Best For A Variety of Scenes


Maximum Load Capacity: 4.4 lbs (2 kg) ~ Adjustability: 27" horizontal distance and 360° full rotation ~ Arms: two adjustable arms (12.8 inches each) ~ Material: steel

Have you been searching for a mic stand that you can rely on? This Boom Arm Castements Mic stand-by SEENINSEER is the perfect solution. Using the SEENINSEER Boom Arm with the hyperx quadcast is a great idea. Microphones can be perfectly positioned with the boom arm’s adjustability.

With the built-in shock mount, you can be sure your microphone will stay in place. The boom arm can be attached to any surface with the included table clamp. Heavy-duty cast iron construction and a 55-pound capacity make this stand the perfect place to put even the heaviest microphone. Castings ensure that the boom arm will stay in place regardless of the height, making it ideal for any situation.

In addition, it is available in a black powder coat finish that complements any studio or stage setup. Lights, cameras, and other equipment can be mounted on a stable and sturdy platform with the SEENINSEER boom arm clamp. Robust and durable aluminium construction ensures long-term use, and the spirit level assures accurate alignment. Using non-marring rubber for the clamping jaws protects your equipment against damage. Quick-release mechanisms on the boom arm, which extends to 38 inches, make setup and takedown simple.

By providing a larger contact area, the SEENINSEER Boom Arm Clamp reduces the risk of damaging your desk or equipment. There is a 70mm larger surface contact area, so the clamp is more secure. Due to its two-piece design makes it easy to attach and remove from desks or other surfaces. The SEENINSEER Boom Arm Clamp’s contact area is 70mm bigger than a traditional desk clamp. Thus, the clamp is capable of holding heavier objects securely. Due to the increased contact area, the object is less likely to slip out of the clamp. Heavy-duty metal Boom Arm Clamps have rubberized grips to hold your object in place.

The SEENINSEER Boom Arm Heavy-duty Mic Arm Stand would be an excellent choice for those seeking a durable and reliable microphone stand. Because it is made of heavy-duty metal, it can hold even the heaviest microphones. Due to its adjustable height and angle, the boom arm can accommodate any situation. No matter what happens, your microphone remains in place thanks to the quick-release clutch. Made of steel and powder-coated black, the stand can support up to five pounds of weight. Scissor-style arms can be mounted on surfaces up to 2.5 inches thick using a pivoting mounting clamp. The boom arm can be rotated 360 degrees for optimum positioning, allowing the microphone to be placed close to the performer or speaker.

Featuring exceptional bearing capacities, SEENINSEER’s boom arm suspensions are unique. This Boom Arm Suspension is suitable for heavy-duty applications because it can support up to 2,000 pounds. Since this product is simple to install, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects.

A metal shock mount from SEENINSEER keeps your microphone stable while you record. Due to its metal construction and shock mount, the mount won’t move when your mic is attached.

Any professional or aspiring vocalist should own the SEENINSEER Boom Arm Double Layered Pop Filter. A pop filter prevents your microphone from being contaminated with saliva and other contaminants and reduces the occurrence of popping sounds when singing. The pop filter has two layers: a wire mesh layer and a cloth layer. By absorbing moisture and reducing noise, the cloth layer helps to reduce speaking or singing noise. Filters and other contaminants are prevented from entering your microphone through the wire mesh layer. Positioning the pop filter in the right location will correct the boom arm.

With the SEENINSEER Boom Arm, you can save a lot of space on your desktop. The invention makes your work area more efficient because it maximizes your space. You can mount your keyboard and mouse on the Boom Arm, which mounts to the back of your monitor. With this, you don’t have to use a traditional desk, allowing you to work more comfortably. In addition to being adjustable, the Boom Arm can be customized to suit your needs. Those with limited space at home or work will benefit from it. If you want to maximize your workspace, I highly recommend this product!

You can manage your cables easily with the ties since they are simple to use. You can fasten the tie in place with the attached clip by wrapping it around the cable. The boom arm cable ties are perfect for keeping cables neat and organized, whether you’re at home or on the road.

Etubby Microphone Boom Arm Stand (Image credit: Amazon)

Etubby Microphone Boom Arm Stand

Best For Beginners


Mic Stand Arm Length: 35cm x 35cm ~ Construction: High-quality steel frame ~ Adjustable height: 16" to 32" ~ Adjustable angle: 270 degrees ~ Adapter: Included - metal 5/8" male to 3/8" female screw adapter

Any musician will benefit from having the Etubby Microphone Boom Arm Stand. Performers can use this stand to keep their microphones in place while they perform. With its strong, adjustable arm, you can position it just the way you want it. A sturdy base keeps the stand in place during use. Etubby microphone boom arm stands are a great addition to any studio. Steel is used to construct this stand, making it durable and sturdy. Attaching and removing the microphone is easy, thanks to the quick-release mount.

In addition to keeping your cables organized and tangle-free, the Etubby has a built-in cable management system. Designed for studios, the Etubby Microphone Boom Arm is made of high-quality steel. A high-quality steel boom arm with a durable finish is made of sturdy material. Easy to use and adjustable to fit any size microphone, the boom arm is easy to use.

In addition to being highly adjustable, the Etubby Boom Arm also allows you to find the best position for your microphone. Made of ABS plastic, this Etubby microphone boom arm clip can hold any type of microphone. With its spring-loaded adjustment, the clip will fit any size microphone. Also, the boom arm can be adjusted so that the mic is positioned exactly where you need it. Computers such as laptops and desktops can be connected with this clip.

With dual suspension springs, Eubby’s new microphone boom arm is super adjustable and perfect for any surface. Due to its dual suspension springs, the boom arm is extremely stable and lightweight. This is the one for you if you are looking for a high-quality, affordable boom arm.

Both amateurs and professionals can use the Etubby boom arm. It is well-made and sturdy. It features a unique folding design that makes it easy to transport and store and is made of high-quality materials. You can also organize your cables with Etubby’s built-in cable management system.

Keeping your microphone free of pops and other unwanted noises is easy with the Etubby Microphone Boom Arm U-shaped Pop Filter. You can place the boom arm exactly where you need it with the boom arm’s lightweight aluminium construction and fully adjustable height. In order to reduce wind noise and other sound interference, the pop filter is a U-shaped foam windscreen.

A carbon steel mesh screen is used to make the ultra-fine boom arm of the Eubby microphone. The explosive consonants ‘p’ and ‘b’ are effectively eliminated from speech using this method. Microphone boom arms can be adjusted to fit any size microphone.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for Etubby Microphone Boom Arm U-shaped Pop Filter ultra-fine Carbon Steel mesh screen. Pop filters are ultra-fine carbon steel mesh screens that prevent popping and other noises from entering your microphone. This pop filter features an adjustable boom arm to perfectly fit any microphone. So, Overall the Etubby is another top class boom arm that easily pair with your HyperX quad cast.

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How does a boom arm contribute to convenience?

A boom arm suspends the monitor in midair so gamers can experience a truly immersive gaming experience. You will not be distracted while playing because nothing else will happen around you. More desk space is now available since the monitor is off the desk. For a second reason, boom arms are a convenient solution for people who wish to engage in games but don’t have enough desk space to accommodate both a monitor and a gaming console. With a boom arm, you can play comfortably while keeping your console out of the way. You will be less likely to get distracted while gaming when your monitor is closer to you.

What Is HyperX QuadCast Condenser Mic?

HyperX QuadCast Condenser Mics from Kingston are professional quality condenser microphones. On the QuadCast, you can choose from four different polar patterns and monitor your audio with a headphone jack. It also includes a stand, a pop filter, and a mic clip for anyone who wants to start streaming or recording content. In addition, you can easily adjust the settings using the intuitive control panel. In addition to providing excellent sound quality, the Quadcast is also built tough to withstand everyday use.

The boom arm attaches to a microphone stand, holds the microphone (rotates 360 degrees), and provides stability and comfort to users of microphones for YouTube videos, Twitch streaming, voice artists, or broadcasters. The boom arm can be adjusted to fit the height and position of both vocalists and speakers. Additionally, it prevents the microphone from falling or getting lost.

Final thoughts

If you are still confused and cannot find a decent and good quality Boom Arm then let me help you. Firstly, you can go with Rode PSA1 and I recommend it because of its premium and exceptional build quality, smooth movements and easy cable management. If you are on a tight budget then I will suggest you the InnoGear Microphone Arm that is excellent with its affordable price and gives you great balance of features and performance and also you will be happy with the pop filter and shock mount that comes with it. If you love traveling, you can get the Blue Compass arm that shows great portability and can also be used for streaming on Platforms like Twitch.

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