Manage Your Podcast


Web audio services make podcasting incredibly easy to do.Podcasting, short for Personal On-Demand BroadCasting, is a perfect place to market yourself. Your web audio service happens to also be the ideal place to manage your podcast.

Podcasting is a series of connected audios or videos, delivered most commonly in a radio-style format that an expert in any industry could produce.

The most common problem with podcasting is a time constraint on the individual or group producing it. Podcasting requires content creation, managing the podcast, editing audios, and growing your listener base, just to name a few.

Conference Call Recording With Web Audio Services

Recording conference calls have now been made incredibly easy, especially when it comes to distributing those calls. Let's look at how it works and the advantages of using web audio services to record your conference calls.

How Conference Call Recording Works

I've used conference call recording features for many different reasons, including creating info products, knowing that individuals who needed to be on the call wouldn't be able to make it, and wanting to reference the information later on.

The way to record a conference call is to three-way the call between you, the conference call company, and the web audio service. Use these easy-to-follow steps to have your conference call recorded and online in no time.

How To Record A Conference Call

I typically use a service called to manage my conference calls. It makes it easy to arrange, invite and manage participants and obviously easy to record.

  1. Create the conference call you are wanting to hold using
  2. Send out invites, reminders for the conference call, and arrange your call.
  3. When the call is scheduled to happen, call into the service and enter your PIN Number.
  4. Once you have been patched through to the call, dial into your web media service by three-way the phone call.
  5. Patch the now recording web media provider through to your conference call.
  6. You now are having a three-way conversation between you,, and the web media service.

After finishing the conference call, simply hang up, and log into your web media account online. You will see the call you have just recorded and can email the audio, edit the audio, or put the call on your website for those who may have missed it.

Customer Testimonials

The use of customer testimonials has been proven repeatedly to be linked to a higher conversion ratio of prospects to customers.

Audio customer testimonials are often put on the sales page of websites to increase what is called social proof.

Social proof is a term commonly used to describe how individuals make decisions based upon others' actions. In other words, helping show customers that your product or service is as good as it says it is.

Customer testimonials are easy to record with customer testimonials lines, set up by some of the better web audio services. You simply give your customers the ability to call in and leave feedback on your products or services through these lines.

You can then edit the audio, reload them into your web audio service, and paste the code onto your website.

Content Generation Ideas

Here are several ideas for web audio and video content that are not only easy to create but that also follow the "3 E's" of web-based media; educate, engage, or encourage.

Creating Quality Content

Creating streaming content for your website visitors is a great thing to do, but creating quality content is even more important. Our "3 E's of Quality Content Generation" is a must-read.

Conference Calls

Recording Conference Calls on most web audio and video sites is incredibly simple to do. Uploading them to your website for visitors to hear, embedding them into an email, or saving the file for an info product is even easier. More info on creating conference calls.

Customer Testimonials

Many of the better streaming media services out there provide you with customer testimonial lines. These phone numbers are designed exclusively for your customers to give you feedback on your product or service. It also happens to record it so that you can use it as a testimonial later on. Get more on create testimonials.

Adding To Your E-zine

It's incredibly easy now to add audio and video to your email newsletter. Send a quick "Thank You" video after a purchase, a short "I appreciate you" audio between sales cycles, or send a teaser video for the new product launch. Streaming media and email marketing now go hand in hand.

Create An Info Product

Informational products are incredibly easy to create with audio and video. We've seen and even purchased products that are nothing more than a series of recorded phone calls with other industry experts or training videos that consists of one person standing against a wall (we weren't to happy either).

Why not create a free info product in your niche using audios and videos, give it away, and have a whole new list of people to market your business to? It worked for us. More on info products.

Podcast Management

Podcasting is much easier than most people expect it to be. Many web audio services even offer podcast management that will post your audios to iTunes with just a few clicks of the mouse. In fact, the first time I tried, I had a podcast up and running in under 10 minutes, creating podcast.

Viral Marketing

Let us clear things up instantly - viral marketing does not involve computer viruses, spam, nor any other form of trickery. It does, however, involve planning and precision, among other things. The payoffs can be huge; millions of users not only online but also away from the web talking about your video and service. Go viral.

Web-Based Video Training

Suppose you want to train or demonstrate a new tool, product, or service. All you want to show something you learned to your customers. Web-based video training is easy to record, easy to edit, and even easier to distribute.

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing works incredibly well with web video players with one caveat; most people are under the impression that they must use services like YouTube or Vimeo to get their video out their virally.

We believe that viral marketing on sites like YouTube works well for big companies, but not for the little guys.

Here's Why

Large corporations and even Fortune 500 companies that have pulled off effective viral marketing campaigns are searching for something completely different from the viewer than what the small business can afford to go after; emotional engagement.

Large brands are focused on branding, while the small business is typically trying to make a name for itself, engage on the intellectual level, and drive traffic to its site. Their goals are different, yet they're going after things the same way.

The small business needs to look at viral marketing from a completely different angle. One example of viral marketing being done effectively from an alternative angle is the release of Radiohead's album, In Rainbows. 

Here's what we would do if we put together a viral marketing campaign but wanted to control where our content played (on your website). Create some engaging videos, start with some small buzz (Twitter account, blog posts, press releases), and make people come to me for the content. If done properly, you would have hundreds of websites driving traffic to you rather than to a site like YouTube.

Adding Audio And Video To Email Marketing

If you’re not already running an email marketing campaign, you need to be. Email marketing is an incredibly effective marketing strategy that combines low costs, minimal time to manage, and has a high return on investment when used correctly.

One way to dramatically enhance your email marketing effort is to add a personalized audio or video message to it. Provide quality content and Build something worth people on your email list opening.

I see lots of email newsletters, but one of the best has to be Jeffrey Gitomer’s. Jeffrey is one of the most widely respected sales consultants in the industry. He has several best-selling books, receives tens of thousands of dollars for every speech he gives and is very good at internet marketing.

Jeffrey Gitomer’s newsletter is called Sales Caffeine, and anyone that has seen Jeffrey speak knows why. In his newsletter, he always has a short video with a free sales tip in it. He spends a few minutes creating the video, and then I’m sure sends it off to his production team for some extra kick. Jeffrey’s a great example of someone who understands the value of giving away content and connecting with his audience through video within his email newsletter.